Are you ready to play a really fun little doll game? Below you will find 10 doll clothing fabric swatches, guaranteed to stir up memories if you owned dolls in the last half of the 20th century. Look closely at the swatches and see if you can picture which doll they go with.

Hint: The 10th swatch in this doll game is a trick question!

Answers are given at the bottom of this doll game. Good luck!
Ready? Set…GO!!!

Doll Game Swatch 1

image 1 in the doll game

Doll Game Swatch 2

image 2 in the doll game

Doll Game Swatch 3

image 3 in the doll game

Doll Game Swatch 4

image 4 in the doll game

Doll Game Swatch 5

image 5 in the doll game

Doll Game Swatch 6

image 6 in the doll game

Doll Game Swatch 7

image 7 in the doll game

Doll Game Swatch 8

image 8 in the doll game

Doll Game Swatch 9

image 9 in the doll game

Doll Game Swatch 10

image 10 in the doll game


Why Created The Guess That Doll Doll Game
Here at, we publish informational articles on favorite dolls of the 20th century, and one of the features I’ve found readers most universally loved about their own dolls was their beautiful clothing. Most particularly, dolls manufactured between the 1950s-1970s frequently featured such darling or beautiful fabrics, that grown women recognize those prints and textiles to this very day. We created this doll game to celebrate just how fond so many of us were of the cottons, ginghams, tiny figured calicoes, sateens and laces that decked our doll families.

I’ve expressed a pet theory before here at that girls who grow up to be seamstresses or quilters may owe their love of charming fabrics to their childhood dolls. Quilters are especially humorous about their habit of hoarding any fabric they find that takes their fancy, and the printed fabrics that fill quilting supply shops across the country are definitely reminiscent of the textiles used in the most thoughtfully designed doll clothing of the 20th century. Madame Alexander dolls were, perhaps, the best representation of beautiful doll clothing design, though Ginny Dolls probably ran a close second! And the prairie style of the 1970s lent itself nicely to all kinds of patchwork doll fashions.

To this day, when I glimpse these doll clothing fabrics, they immediately conjure up warm memories of hours and hours of happy play with special dolls and we hope that the Guess That Doll Doll Game has done the same for you.

And now, here are the answers to the doll game…

Answers to the Doll Game – Guess That Doll

1. Madame Alexander ‘Denmark Doll’, 1970s
2. Holly Hobbie Doll
3. Madame Alexander Little Women ‘Meg/Margaret Doll’, 1970s
4. Fisher Price ‘Lolly Dolly’
5. Fisher Price Lap Sitter ‘Jenny Doll’
6. Madame Alexander ‘Brazil Doll’, 1970s
7. Holly Hobbie ‘Amy’ Doll
8. Madame Alexander ‘Betsy Ross Doll’, 1970s
9. Raggedy Ann Doll
10. Our trick question: This isn’t doll clothing fabric – it’s the famous blue Madame Alexander doll box!

Tell Us How You Did
How many answers did you get right? Share your score in the comments below, plus any reminiscences about the beautiful and memorable fabrics of which favorite dolls’ clothes were made! We’d love to hear from you.